People of Kramatorsk receive their food parcels.

Another aid delivery to Kramatorsk. While missile attacks continue to interrupt the night’s sleep of the city’s residents, the servants of God work tirelessly to provide them with food and other necessities. We thank all of our partners for their contributions to this ministry.

Food aid for Donetsk region!

Konstantinovka, Donetsk region. The region, where living conditions have significantly worsened in the last months, continues to regularly receive such valuable food aid! People express their heartfelt gratitude to those who make it possible. Special thanks to Undaunted Love Ministries who faithfully delivers humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable areas of the country.

Supporting refugees until they get settled

Besides delivering much-needed food to the areas that suffer more than others, Cherkasy team of ministers keeps providing for refugees that come to their city. The are given aid regularly and according to their need until they get settled and are able to take a better care of themselves.

Giving our food in the villages in the southeast region

In the villages of Egorivka and Novoselivka a total of up to 100 families live. This is also a region close to the occupied territories. Our fellow ministers brought food aid to the local people. It is very valuable for them, especially now, as food and other necessities are harder and harder to get.

Kharkiv continues to receive food aid

As the city of Kharkiv prepares for new attacks by the Russian army, our local Ukrainian fellow ministers continue to courageously and tirelessly supply food to the needy population there.Huge thank you to all who are doing their part to make this happen – MIM, Vadim Gulenko and “The Source of Life” church in Cherkasy.

Distributing food aid in Toretsk, southern Ukraine

Toretsk, Zaporozhe region. Near-frontline city. People live in constant danger and risk, in the midst of need and scarcity of necessary things. It is a joy to see the smiles on their faces as they receive food aid delivered to them.

Supporting people in most attacked areas

As hostilities continue to rage and the country’s economy remains under severe strain, God’s faithful ministers continue to provide for the needy in the areas that are most attacked.

Testimony of a pastor from Kramatorsk

This is a testimony of a pastor to whose church in Kramatorsk we bring aid. “Hallelujah!!!We had three services on Sunday in Kramatorsk with 714 people in attendance.56 people raised their hands to receive Christ in their lives at the second service.And 64 people raised their hands to receive Jesus into their lives at the …

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Update from brother Victor

Here is an update from Victor who is our Ukrainian fellow worker.From his letter to Jeffrey:“Hi, bro! I am so glad that I am writing to you, because I missed communication =) because, as you know, I have no relatives and I have no one to communicate and share news with =( Therefore, I am …

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