Receiving thanks from people in Donetsk area

Here is a message someone from Donetsk area, where we delivered food aid, sent:

“Shalom, beloved ones! Today I want to give all the glory to the Lord for His timely help, through the hands of God’s children, for the humanitarian aid that was delivered to our church!
Thank you very much, dear friends, for your generosity and open hearts! We gratefully accept what you have sent us as a good seed and bless it, so that it may bear hundredfold fruit in all areas of your life!
Many thanks to those who financed and prepared the contents of the parcels, for they are made with care, as for the Lord. Many thanks also to those who have delivered this aid, knowing that they are putting themselves at personal risk!
Many thanks to everyone!
Abundant blessings to you, beloved of the Lord!” 💖🤗🙏💖