Update from brother Victor

Here is an update from Victor who is our Ukrainian fellow worker.
From his letter to Jeffrey:
“Hi, bro! I am so glad that I am writing to you, because I missed communication =) because, as you know, I have no relatives and I have no one to communicate and share news with =( Therefore, I am writing to you, because all this time, while the war is going on, you are like a relative to me (like a brother or sister) who can listen to me and support me morally in this difficult time. During these days that I was out of Internet (it was not possible to get in touch), a lot of things happened (good and bad), I managed to help many people in different settlements and regions, I was in the occupied territories (where I spent more than 10 days because they didn’t let me out) Now, of course, it’s getting harder and harder to find resources to help everyone in need, but I don’t give up and keep looking for resources to provide aid for families with children, the elderly, hospitals, adult boarding schools,