The latest story of visiting Kramatorsk, the eastern region

…Tim and I took a load to Kramatorsk. On the way we got off track for a little and was on a back road coming into the village of Dobropillya and things got interesting. I was driving on a narrow road with a thick tree line on each side and noticed fresh tank tracks on the road. Where they turned into the trees I could just spot the track undercarriage in the growth about 20 yards in. Seconds later I passed a tank hiding right beside the road on the drivers side. Amazed me how I didn’t spot him until I was right on it. The tank is green, it’s crushed into the trees and brush, covered in branches they’ve tied on and the turret gun is parallel to the road and was hidden quite well. Tim was a little frustrated that our maps had us off the better road and I said maybe God has a reason when we drove into the village and into an area that had been struck by 12 rockets in the night. 3 houses totally gone and maybe another dozen with varying damage. Looked like a tornado hit in our areas with people picking up rubble and piling it in the street, standing around looking at their homes and a skinny possibly 12 year old girl importantly manning the police tape across the street and lifting it over my head, smiling, trying to visit and shaking hands with a laugh. Tim visited a very little with them and we handed out some food parcels as he said must be God did want us here for this. The food brought some smiles and there is gospel literature in them so I’m sure God will use it. In Kramatorsk we made 2 drops and after the last one we were invited for a meal. This time it was in a 4th floor apartment in an old Soviet era building.Ludmila welcomed us and bustled around constantly talking, smiling and fussing over us. So sweet! Offered us a shower ( we were sweaty) and I accepted as Ben P has taught me,and it feels great to quickly cool down! We had a delicious meal of rice and meatballs with sauce together with Ludmila, her son and another man who had both helped us unload. Ludmila wanted to know about my family, why I came and then asked how did I understand God telling me to come here. After I related how God had impressed my heart and what he spoke to me she launched into a vehement outburst. Tim translated that she was telling me that God would protect me from all harm and it would not come near me using verses from the Psalms. She mimed rockets flying past and not hitting! I told her my heart is calm and she said that sometimes her heart is calm but sometimes she gets anxious and doesn’t know what to do but then she reads her Bible and her heart is calm again. God is good. When we left she hugged me a couple times pressing her cheek to mine, so warm, sweet and motherly! Love her. One of the men took us to see the local kindergarten that was destroyed by the Russians. We then started the trek home. Halfway between Kramatorsk and Dobropillya we passed a truck with a boom and winch setting an artillery piece into a treeline… (to be continued)